AT DESIGN (Anastasia Tumash)  GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGN on Nantucket, MA, New York, NY
Branding, Logo, Print design, Illustration, Web design, UX/UI, Presentation design etc.


Web design, UX and UI. What is that and What do YOU need?

Simply talking about that topic: These 3 terms are interconnected.



User experience (UX) design is a “human-first” way of designing products, when you think of users needs first, how to design a products that users will enjoy to interact with and will satisfy their need and goals etc..

UX design applies a specific methodology around the user (Personas, Scenarios, Wireframing, Prototyping etc.)



“Web designers look to solve problems for their clients; UX designers look to solve problems for their users.” I like this quote because it describes pretty well the whole idea.

If you need a website for your business, I believe we can do WEB design for you (Design website or alter existing templates on different platforms.)

If you develop a product that will help people, will provide services for users etc., I believe we can do USER EXPERIENCE design for you.



Simply saying it is about the look of your product.

If you already have your website and want to alter it, make the visual more appealing etc., we can create USER INTERFACE for you. Maybe you even have your prototype and need UI design, we are ready to help.


You can take a look at our approach and working process here: UX Research, Scenario, User flow, Mind maps, Agile process etc.

To create a meaningful design you need to observe, notice, ask and listen to people (users) you are designing for. Ideate and experiment, start from simple, why not? Change directions to be able to design product that helps people to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Design thinking is important and we love it!